A b o u t

Version 2



Like a Starbucks barista, quickly and competently scribbling my name on the side of a coffee cup, you can call me Lavender.

You could say I’m obnoxiously Californian (although it’s tempered by my having lived in suburban Iowa, rural Colorado, and small-town Hawaii). Biking to Whole Foods in my Havaianas for kombucha and kale salad. If you’re rolling your eyes, just know I roll mine at myself too. But the truth is, I like kombucha and kale. I like clean healthy living, but I’m far from perfect at it. I aspire to the cliches we roll our eyes at. I aspire to minimalism, veganism and a home free of harmful chemicals. I aspire to understanding the world and other cultures.

Really I’m just a scientist who became a mom and realized we have to do better for our kids and the planet.

It’s taken me thirty one years of living to understand some simple truths: having lots of stuff gives me anxiety; I’d like to truly eat better; I’m ignorant of life outside the US and I want to change that; I don’t want Triclosan in my soap, BPA in my food or formaldehyde in my baby products (seriously, why is there a known carcinogen in something I’m putting on my baby’s skin??)

Like all parents, I just want to raise my kids in the happiest healthiest most informed environment I can, and that’s getting harder to do. If that’s what you want too, I’d love to connect with you, we can try to be better together.


— Lavender