R e s o u r c e s

There is a wealth of knowledge pouring out any given computer screen, so much so that it can be hard to glean the quality data. Here are some of my favorite resources for living. ***If any of these are not of interest to you, skip ahead, these are not here to preach or proselytize 🙂




KonMari Method

You may have heard of Mari Kondo, founder of the KonMari Method, in the context of organization, but for my money, she is the original mainstream minimalist. Based on the philosophy that your possessions should “spark joy” within you, the KonMari Method can’t help but lead to minimalism in its most basic form: only surrounding yourself with items that bring you happiness.

Use Less

As her website “Use Less” indicates, this fantastic Danish blogger has a wealth of tools for trying to reduce your overall consumption. Particularly if you are living in a western (or even better, European!) county, Use Less can point you towards slow fashion brands, and home design that will be easy to acquire. She’s got a very cool fashion vibe that is particularly good for cooler climates.




Harvard Health

As someone who has read (more than) her fair share of peer-reviewed journal articles (thank you master’s thesis Lit Review), I like a good trustworthy academic source when looking at my physical health. I recommend checking out what the Harvard Health Publishers have to say about vegetarianism. It’s straight forward and data driven.

Diet for a New America

Okay, this is an oldie but a goodie. It came out the year I was born, so sure, there is more up-to-date information of vegetarianism, but this book shaped much of the ideology embraced by vegetarians today.

Isa Chandra Moskowits

One of the biggest names in vegan cooking, Isa Chandra will fill your stomach with pure joy. Seriously, her Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World book changed my relationship with my friends forever 😉


Toxic free:



The Environmental Working Group

This is my one-stop-shopping for all things related to toxic chemicals and their prevalence in my personal care products, food, and environment. As my friends coud tell you, I proselytize the Environmental Working Group ad nauseum, for good reason, and will be sure to do so here.

The Story of Stuff 

Annie Leonard’s seminal documentary on consumption and toxicity lead to the creation of this terrific project full of resources to educate yourself or students on the reality of our toxic exposure.


In Mexico:




Tangerine Travels

This comedic duo are, like myself, recent transplants to Mexico. Their videos are lighthearted, useful and relevent to newcomers. It’s hard to find blogs from a younger generation (I know, down is up and up is down) about living in Mexico, likely due to the high number of retirees that call the country home.

Two Expats Mexico

Speaking of retirees, I’ve only read this blog for targeted information (buying and registering a car, immigration and customs information), but what I’ve read has ben very helpful and true to reality.

Facebook groups

Perhaps the most information, good and bad, comes from facebook groups. If you want to live in a specific state or city, I bet you there’s a group for that 😉. I recommend checking out “Future Mexico Expats” and “Expats Living in Mexico” for starters.